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Yunnan's coffee industry suffered falling prices trapped
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Yunnan coffee in order to get the pricing right, the right to speak at the international level, need to create their own brands and upgrade the quality and popularity of Yunnan coffee.

2012 for the coffee industry in Yunnan, and is full of opportunities and challenges. Since the beginning into a slow moving storm, Yunnan coffee prices had fallen nearly 5 years at present to record lows. Yunnan coffee growers, coffee company, coffee industry suffered falling prices bring problems.

Yunnan coffee industry is developing rapidly.

Recently, Yunnan Provincial Association of the coffee industry in conjunction with the relevant units and departments conducted a detailed research on coffee-growing area in Yunnan province, as of now, coffee-growing area in Yunnan has more than 1.3 million acres, finished ahead of planning objectives.

Last March, the Yunnan provincial development and Reform Commission and the Yunnan Provincial Department of agriculture and other departments jointly produced a copy of the coffee industry in Yunnan Province development plan (2010-2020), (hereinafter the plan), the plan put forward by 2015, Yunnan province's coffee-growing area grew to 1 million acres by 2020, coffee-growing area in the province stabilized at around 1.5 million acres.

It is understood that once relied on exports of coffee in Yunnan province, unknown in the world coffee situation, but with the advantage of Yunnan province growing and high coffee quality, and now occupies a place on the world map. China Yunnan coffee, which represents the coffee, it is understood that the Yunnan coffee beans that are the country's largest production base, accounting for more than 98% of the original coffee beans made in.

From 390,000 acres development in 2008 to 1.3 million acres this year, only 4 years, Yunnan coffee despite the drought, falling prices, despite twists and turns along the way forward, but momentum of Yunnan coffee industry never wavered, in accordance with the current pace of development, the goal of 1.5 million acres will be completed within the next one to two years.

In this regard, the Coffee Association of Yunnan province Li Gongqin told reporters, according to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), 2011/12-global total output of 8.82 million tons of coffee, global consumption in 2010, 2011 8.226 million tons, 8.34 million tons, respectively, global coffee consumption is on the rise. Traditional market has been growing at about 2.5%, emerging markets growth between 15%-20%, while in emerging markets, consumption growth was especially rapid in China every year to grow at a rate of 25%.

Li Gongqin said, due to coffee production in Yunnan province in the global total is less than 1%, and processing levels, export standards are not unified, and therefore determines the Yunnan coffee does not have a say in the international market. Even if all 1.3 million acres of coffee production in Yunnan province, is the output of 200,000 tons, 2.5% per cent of global output, no effect at all on the international coffee market prices.

It is understood that the price of the coffee trade, Yunnan province (bargaining) is: look first at the international markets (the New York futures market) prices, find out about Nestle's purchase price, combined with the Yunnan market other companies offer pricing and bargaining power.

Reasons leading to Yunnan coffee price fluctuations, Li Gongqin said to reporters, one is the main producing countries such as Brazil, and Viet Nam and Indonesia, both are high-yield years. Second, the economic crisis continues, consumer demand for coffee has not been reduced, but the changes in consumption patterns. From the coffee at the coffee shop to buy low-quality coffee to go home drunk or drinking instant coffee, usually of low quality coffee and instant powder raw material in the seed of coffee and non-washed Arabica coffee. Three is small grain species coffee of international market fluctuations than in the grain species coffee relative big some, not stable, price high, so in past ten years small grain species coffee price rose Shi, in the, and small grain species coffee of price poor pulled have too big, to reduced cost, conform to market of development, meet market of need, abroad of baking fried enterprise have change formula, adjustment in the grain species and small grain species coffee of using proportion. Now of Coffea Arabica prices fell, the price gap between Coffea Arabica is not big, flat, close to the bottom line.

Li Gongqin said Yunnan coffee from the mass cultivation and large-scale trade so far, only around 15 per cent of the time, in the past 15 years, development of Yunnan coffee experienced ups and downs, also experienced a brilliant. Case of a price decline, businesses and farmers should practice skills, to increase the management level, improve coffee production and improve quality work for coffee, ready coffee prices of all that work, waiting for the arrival of coffee prices.

Yunnan coffee industry on international markets is required to establish the right to speak.

"Now of course is the more the better. "Hogood coffee Board Chairman Xiong Xiangru said," even if the planting of millions of acres area of all, coffee production in Yunnan accounted for only 2% per cent of the global market, our voice is not strong enough. ”

Early this year, as a result of the influence of international market, Yunnan coffee sales difficulties, coffee prices also hit their lowest point in years. In view of this, it is imperative to establish the right to speak is a road of development.

Yunnan coffee prices in addition to the influence of international coffee futures prices, a coffee company and industry but also in the industrial chain of Yunnan invested a lot.

"Yunnan coffee company must follow a brand, the industrial chain of path. "Mr.xiong pointed out:" go the way of processing will compete for the right to speak is the path to the future development of the industry, which when depressed coffee prices, Yunnan coffee business to international coffee futures prices. ”

Hu Lu told the newspaper: "the Yunnan coffee in order to get the pricing right, the right to speak at the international level, need to create their own brands and upgrade the quality and popularity of Yunnan coffee. ”

The reporter is, Yunnan coffee companies are integrating resources, the Agglomerative advantages and extend the industrial chain, improving the added value of products, to build local brands.

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