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evelopment prospect of coffee culture in China
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According to the newly released "sixth instalment hot jobs" list, barista was listed, by many experts as a "low entry threshold and fashion career with good prospects." According to CCTV-2, net, Sohu reported that Baristas total annual gap of up to 30,000 people, Chengdu is about large and small cafes, 700 coffee workers need at least 3000 people a year. In the survey, a professional barista's monthly income of 2000-10000 Yuan, and the skilled Barista salary more than million.

Barista profession very fresh and stylish, yearning and caused numerous young people. If you want to become a professional Barista, you must start from scratch, from the origin of coffee beans, plant, raw beans to cooked beans baking technology, mainly coffee and, finally, to a high level of creative play.

Creator of a culture

Barista means familiar with the culture of coffee, production methods and techniques of professional production of coffee service. Coffee, mainly in a variety of cafes, restaurants, bars, coffee-making, such as work, they make a cup of coffee, but also creating a coffee culture. Baristas work including basic authentication for coffee beans, according to the characteristic coffee bean blend different flavors of coffee, can use coffee, coffee making equipment; to provide customers with coffee service and coffee culture in foreign countries, coffee is not only made of a cup of coffee, is also creating a coffee culture.

Professional quality requirements

Judges a coffee craftsmanship is whether qualified, besides savors its manufacture coffee flavor, but also must look when rubs the coffee bean and but actually the coffee bean whether the soybean flour does meet the overflow, looked it splits out thickness which the milk soaks is whether lasting, whether on the manufacture card cloth Chino coffee has the attractive garland, even also can look it places the coffee cup the posture whether correct and so on.In addition, an outstanding coffee teacher also must have following quality: First, has the good sense of taste and vision resolution capability, manufactures in several dozens seconds simultaneously has the acid, the fragrance, painstakingly, Gansu, the mellow five senses coffee; Second, has the good coffee manufacture experience, in manufacture different type coffee time, grasping manufacture time scope; Third, the coffee teacher must have certain cultural connotation and art felt that, understood different national the coffee culture, can to manufacture the coffee like this to have in-depth creativity and the display.

The coffee brista must have the quite high cultural connotation.Because says from coffee itself, it is one has the extremely deep connotation cultural carrier, only then had the correct understanding to the coffee only then to be able to have in-depth creativity and the display to the coffee.

The experience regarding a good coffee brista is very important, must be very skilled in the actual operation.A good coffee is extremely high to the time request.For example in manufactures the Italian especially thick coffee time, the manufacture time usually must control in 20 seconds to 30 seconds between.Because in this time section, the coffee taste and so on each aspect is the best condition, if the time has grown, the caffeine part starts to separate out, surpasses 37 second time caffeine separation to start the straight line rise.Must want to let the caffeine as far as possible little separate out, the coffee teacher on acts bashful this time specially.

Coffee barista has the very good sense of taste and vision resolution capability.The coffee in fact has 3000 many kinds of flavors, but the main flavor also is five senses--Acid, fragrance, painstakingly, Gansu, mellow.Therefore coffee barista all makes in several dozens seconds time this five senses, needs to carry on the observation to the bean, to powder observation, to froth observation, to machine understanding.Grasping good opportunity temperature, water pressure and the coffee bean allocated proportion, each link all must have the good coordination.

In the coffee industry revenues

With the world famous brands of coffee chains have entered the County, to seize the Chinese market, will face faster development of the coffee industry. Coffee in many cities in the country specializing in the number of places per year growing at a speed of about 20%, development of the coffee industry has great potential, which has undoubtedly brought broad prospects for development practitioners.

It is understood that a professional barista's revenue from 2000 to 10000 Yuan, non-professional coffee service personnel and quite different from the treatment difference between professional barista. Art is very authentic Barista salary has more than million. Good coffee has a lot of followers in some cafes, often with guests to taste some baristas making coffee here.

Employment prospects

Statistics show, with 5 million people in Finland, the annual consumption of 1 million bags of coffee. And with a population of 1.3 billion, China and now coffee annual consumption of only 200,000-400,000 bales. You can see from this comparison, very broad prospects for China's coffee market.

According to the Coffee Association, an information display and coffee worthy of less than 10 people in Beijing, Beijing market gap at about 5000 people per year, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Fujian cities such as gaps around 20,000 people a year. With the 2008 Beijing Olympics approaching, Beijing Hotel is an increase in demand on barista. It is understood that the present masculine baristas more female Barista numbers are relatively small, accounting for about 10% total number of employees. Some modulation, experienced and skilled persons earning more than million.

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