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Tea selecting and purchasing
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Chinese tea variety everyone will show different preferences, choice of genuine, authentic tea taste every craving love tea. Following these points are important.

(A) The origin of tea.

“The unique features of a local environment always give special characteristics to its tea.”Tea subject to particular geographical regions in different categories of climate, the impact of environmental factors such as soil, form a unique color, aroma, flavor, and shape.Zhejiang Hangzhou West Lake Longjing is native town, roasted green tea originated, tunxi in Anhui Wuyuan, Jiangxi province, Fujian Anxi tie Guan Yin is native, and so on. Particularly famous tea, the origin of differences, different quality, resulting in disparities in tea prices low.

(B) The color of tea.

Different varieties of teas, different color; the same different varieties and grades of tea, have different color; begin with fresh, oily, rich luster is preferred. In fact, green tea is not the Green-the color, the better.

(C) The tea moisture content standards.
  The moisture content is too high, the tea oxidation and difficult to keep. In General, the tea between the content of 5%~7%.
  (D) The aroma of tea.
  Really good natural tea aroma is unique, different kinds of tea each exudes a different floral, honey, fruity aroma, chestnut such as hundreds of natural incense. Such as green tea, famous teas, fruit intercropping areas of origin, has been brewing its floral, fruity pure quality. In fact, it is often said that "fragrance" is the most basic green tea aroma. If high fire fragrance, aroma of fresh leaves of artificially created during the process, rather than a real tea, natural incense.

(E) the difference between high mountain tea and plain tea.
High mountain tea picking time later than plain tea; high mountain tea aroma and taste better than plain tea; Alpine tea appearance pieces tight, plump, PEKOE revealed, aroma fragrance, taste strong, resistant to BREW, plain tea appearance pieces thin, lighter body, fragrance is a little lower, and light taste. In General, the tea of the same variety, grade, high mountain tea is better than plain tea.
  (F) the difference between spring, summer and autumn teas.
  In General, spring refers to the plucking of tea leaves before the end of May of the same year, summer tea refers to the beginning of June to the plucking of tea leaves before the end of August, year of the end of August after plucking tea even tea.

Due to spring temperature moderate, rainfall full, plus tea by first winter of recuperate, makes spring shoots bud leaves fat, color green, leaves quality soft, young shoots leaves hair more, and quality related of some effective material, especially amino acids and the corresponding of containing nitrogen volume and variety vitamin rich set, not only makes tea taste fresh cool, aroma strong, and health role also better, so, spring, especially early spring often is a years in the green tea quality best of. In contrast, the price of tea is the best.
  Summer tea fresh, the fragrance of the tea not only reduce and extract content reduced, more purple shoots, tea is divided. Taste more bitter tea is one of the main characteristics of summer tea.
Fall between the climate conditions of spring and summer, and tea plant growth in spring and summer, picking, new contents were reduced, leaf size, leaf base brittle, yellowing of the leaf color, taste and aroma of tea is more peaceful.
  In General, the summer and autumn tea prices lower.

(G) the true meaning of tea.
  See the tea really my style: superior ecological environment; delicate plucking techniques; appearance, aroma, taste and unique style; scope of certain areas; some tea production; a consumer market. Visible, tender tea doesn't mean tea, tea.
  (H) the thought, which is the purchase of tea place.
  Tea quality inspection in addition to sensory project review, a determination of physical and chemical indicators, health indicators are specialized, scientific and strict provisions. Therefore, to buy the top grade tea, tea of choice is high visibility and good reputation grantee: they have a group of highly skilled professional and technical personnel, professional, advanced tea testing and storage facilities, pollution-free, pollution-free Alpine "brand" production base, tip of the day-sizing, sales volume, fast turnaround, and historical advantages.

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