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Tea culture is in fact Chinese culture a concrete expression, talking about tea culture must be combined with the theory of Chinese culture. China is known as the formal State appellation, spiritual meaning of tea culture is through tea, tea, Wen Cha, tea, tea and other habits and Chinese culture combine to form a cultural phenomenon in a culture with Chinese characteristics, can be said to be a matter of Protocol. Ceremony in ancient China used to be close, suspicion and differences, and wrong. In the long history of development, as a code of ethics and values in Chinese society, plays an important role on quality of Chinese national spirit cultivation and along with social change and development, constantly new content, and the country’s life habits and the fusion of forms, forming a culture with Chinese characteristics. For example, gradually formed tea tea culture, development of dining etiquette-eating culture, jade and jade tours so that jade culture, formed around integration with the regional customs of folk culture. So tea culture is a tea, and tours tea, and Wen Cha, and drink tea, and tea has long constantly perfect of a habits, this habits slowly into everyone a recognized to belief and formed has a in China Culture category within of culture phenomenon. tea culture both is China Culture category, that for to ceremony specification in tea of all details, about tea, and tea, and heat, and tea, and environment, and and drink who of cultivation, and mood, common formed of a mood of beauty.

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