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Tea origin and development

China is the origin of tea. Ancestors of the Chinese nation's earliest discovery and use of tea, after successive long-term practice, creating a rich and colorful tea culture, spreading the world for the benefit of mankind.
    Tea and tea culture has a long history of development in China, 5,000 years of civilization of the Chinese nation throughout the development progress.



Tea was first discovered in China. According to the legend of Shen Nong(神农).

Coming to bud

Jin Dynasty

Tea became popular among men of letters.

Taking shape

Tang Dynasty(780AD)

Lu Yu(陆羽) wrote “Cha Jing”.The tea by the tea origins, sampling, preparation, brewing and drinking, tea sets and tea history, greatly promoted the development of tea and tea culture in China.


Song Dynasty

Tea was popular among men of letters, the upper class, the temple, and ordinary people.

Ming Dynasty

Tea production in China mainly by tea cake to loose tea. Tea has been greatly developed, based on the green tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, black tea and tea teas have been created.
Strengthening tea Chief tea of the Ming dynasty, established for consolidating frontier defense tea-for-horse Division, specializing in tea swap of the tea-horse trade.

Qing Dynasty to Republic of China time

Overseas transport development in the Qing dynasty, international trade, tea became China's main export commodities. 23 of Emperor Kangxi, the Qing Imperial Court opened on maritime trade, tea culture and tea products in our country to the West. At the beginning of the Republic, the creation of primary school of tea, set a branch specializing in tea and tea to promote new kinds of tea, tea machines, establish the tea commodity inspection system, development of tea quality inspection standards.

The new period of China
   After the founding of new China, the Government attaches great importance to the tea industry. Since then, the tea leaves in the production, processing, trade, culture and other aspects to flourish.

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